True Hospitality
Every good relationship between two or more people, whether it is
friendship, marriage, or community, creates space where strangers can enter and
become friends.  Good relationships are hospitable.  When we enter
into a home and feel warmly welcomed, we will soon realize that the love among
those who live in that home is what makes that welcome

When there is conflict in the home, the guest is soon forced to choose
sides.  "Are you for him or for her?"  "Do you agree with them or with
us?"  "Do you like him more than you do me?"  These questions prevent
true hospitality - that is, an opportunity for the stranger to feel safe and
discover his or her own gifts.  Hospitality is more than an expression
of love for the guest.  It is  also and foremost an expression of love between the

(From a daily meditation of the Henri Nouwen Society March 6, 2013) 


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