HOW MUCH do you value your relationships? I think most would respond with an answer of a lot.  Many people seem to place substantial significance on their families and friends. Just look at the popularity of Facebook.

     But more importantly HOW DO you value your relationships? I think most would reply with an answer of I don’t know.  Many act like relationships just happen and assume they don’t need any work. Just look at the divorce rate in America.     

     So isn’t it a shame that something like relationships which we value quite significantly are often ignored not because of their insignificance but because of our negligence? A new car has a better chance of long term survival than a new friend.

      One of the key actions in building a successful relationship is to value both members in it. Begin by placing importance on yourself because the higher your self esteem, the more of yourself you can share with others. Follow this step by placing positive value onto another. Consequently a gift of affirmative self worth will be transferred! This practice of sharing value can be very satisfying because every human being seeks to be acknowledged, accepted and appreciated.

     A heart break moment usually occurs when one who was highly valued by another is suddenly non-valued or dismissed.  Their self worth plummets causing personal pain and horrendous heartache. This can be very hurtful because the individual who was once esteemed is no longer acknowledged, accepted or appreciated.

    So how do you value others? First acknowledge others with a friendly “hello” or greet them by their name. By doing this you tell the other person you know them. Then accept the individual for who they are and what they are doing. Find something positive in their actions that make your interaction meaningful. Finally appreciate them for what they did with a simple “thank -you.” When someone is appreciated it confirms their behavior as something good. Three simple steps can make a person’s day! Just try it when you see Bob (not his real name) the cashier at your local grocery store.

HUMAN VALUE is one of the key ingredients in successful relationships. Make it a practice to place worth on others. It will not only make you feel good about yourself but will cause the other person to feel better about themselves. And don’t you think the world would be a better place if we did?  

             “Don’t look out only for yourselves, but look out for the good of others also”

                                                    1 Corinthians 10:24

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