Many of us marry with the illusion that the  excitement and magic of new love will
never fade away. Then, at some point in  the first couple years of marriage, we
wake up and realize that reality is a bit  different. That’s when we enter the
season of disappointed love. 

I think the secret to dealing with the inevitable  disappointments we face in
marriage is found in one simple word: commitment. Commitment is
choosing to take your spouse's hand and walk through  the reality God has
allowed in your life, believing that on the other side you  will find a deeper
love and a healthier relationship than you had  before
. Sometimes
moving past disappointed love will mean  restating your wedding vows. 
Commitment is an  inner resolve to conform to what you know to be true in spite of your
feelings.  Your covenant of commitment to God and each other is the heart of
what remains  once reality has edited the illusion of what you thought marriage
would be. At  your wedding, you stood before God and promised to never forsake
each other, “for better or for worse.” Now, staring “worse” in the face, you
have a choice.  Will you honor that commitment?
by Barbara Rainey
Moments With You Couples Devotional
April 5, 2013
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