One of the most important ingredients in any relationship is RESPECT. 
 Simply defined respect is to bestow honor or eseem onto someone else. If 
marriages do not contain this important human element dysfunctional interaction 
is bound to follow.
According to David R. Hawkins Mutual respect is a foundation 
for any relationship
Generally respect is present when we
embrace  the concepts of acceptance, forgiveness, allowing another to make
mistakes  without judging their motives, listening and appreciating their unique 
personality. We treat others honorably, listening to them and valuing their 
points of view. We are sensitive to the boundaries they have
In addition he stated Mutual respect must be maintained 
Both partners must commit to infusing their
relationship  with mutual respect. This is done by clarifying boundaries, needs
and wishes.  Others cannot read our minds and often don’t know they are harming
us. Attend to  what causes empathy and connection and work toward it. Show your
mate that you  care enough to attend to their concerns.
Perhaps Otis Redding had it RIGHT when HE wrote the song  RESPECT....even
when he had the great Aretha Franklin sing it! Dont you think we  ALL need a
little RESPECT? 

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