All relationships have a beginning and an end with most experiencing a more joyous entrance than exit. Literary novelists have penned this term as heartbreak.

    But why are there so many broken relationships? Besides the obvious answers such as death, relocations and life changes, most heart failures occur because of neglect. In other words relationships deteriorate if both participants fail to work towards its maintenance and growth.

     In the majority of cases, negligence does not occur due to a lack of desire but due to a lack of knowledge. Our culture does little to prepare an individual to be in relationships. This is especially evident in our marriages.

     HeartBuilders Ministries was created to teach people how-to-be in relationships. We want to equip individuals with the proper tools to cultivate their land of personal connections. Can you imagine a farmer with a fifty acre field attempting to produce a bountiful crop without the use of proper agricultural equipment?

    These short monthly articles are intended to become small tools to place in your ministry work shop. Use them when necessary, but keep them handy. So why not take a few minutes during your busy day and enjoy a cup of blessings with a Heart-break moment 

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